How to Compose Royalty Free Epic Music

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We would be glad to meet you on our site. It`s full of interesting music. You can find a lot of royalty free epic music on our site. All these tracks are original and suitable for the needs of directors and music editors, for movies and television. We have a lot of track and of all genres and moods. The search on our site is very simple. If you are a composer – feel free to send your music to us. We will be glad working together.

We don`t have enough words to desrcibe this kind of music because it`s very comprehensive. And it`s not very simple to write the music in this genrem becuase it calls a lot of musical exparience and composer`s skills. If you want to create your track in this style you have to learn a lot of things. First, you have to learn harmony and arrangements. It`s not very easy to master because there is a lot of nuances. And you have to keep in your mind most of them to get the perfect sound and to catch an attention of your listeners.

This music must be powerful and catchy. You can achieve it using brass section of the orchestra. But brass section should not play all the time. It`s boring. Each piece of music must have the development. Or else it would not make much sence. The most powerful expression must be placed in the end. For example, your musical piece begins with the strings only. It sounds smoothly and warmly. But the dramaturgy calls for the power. In this case you have to add woodwinds, step by step each of your woodwinds appears in your score and the sound begame more and more fat. You can add the harp as well to get the more exotic sound.

Brass section sounds very pompously and combining it with the timpany, big drum, snare and other percussions you are able to achieve the best result. It is very desirable, because it rocks and sound like a roll of thunder!!!

All theese suggestions are approximate, but we hope our articel was indispensable in your career.





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